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Travel Essentials- The Health Edit

Summer Sun, Summer Fun with Ester’s Granola!

Did someone hear a summer break? Yay! It’s time……

Sunny days, schools are off, the pool is very crowded & it’s too scorching to step out. What’s your idea to have fun?

If I am not wrong, we love to travel! Exploring new cities, delving into its culture, tasting the indigenous food, walking the streets, isn’t it sounds perfect for summers. Keeping in mind the health benefits, here are share some tips and tricks to maintain your health while traveling.

TIP #1: Being aware and conscious of what you consume is crucial. Therefore, when the new place excites you to try its cuisine, you sure can’t hold back. Eat the food as much as you want, but keep in mind what your digestion system allows!

TIP#2: While enjoying food, you should be careful about your health. One indigenous, indulgent meal a day, would keep the calories at bay!

TIP #3: Do not forget to have your daily 5’s aka 5 local fruits or vegetables that are available in your current city.

TIP #4: Staying hydrated will help you perform better. Always carry a water bottle with you and take frequent fresh juice breaks.

TIP #5: They say: Breakfast like a prince, dinner like a pauper. It’s true if you are eating very late, avoid carbohydrates. Prefer light foods!

TIP #6: Having a Granola bowl for breakfast will keep you energetic throughout the day by filling you with the proper nutrients. For your reference, Ester’s Granola is gluten-free and very healthy to carry on your travels. In other words, you can eat original granola bars and cookies during the journey. It’s a Win-Win!

TIP #7: Instead of buying unhealthy chips or sugary snacks, carry healthy snacks in your bag. Therefore, check out healthy granola bars sweetened with maple syrup and delicious health nut cookies with seasonal flavors to stock into your traveling bag.

So guys, don’t let your health ruin the fun times. Enjoy your trip guilt-free.

Happy Travelling!


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