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The divine drift of granola ingredients

No matter what you provide me for breakfast, I always look for granola. Oh! I am so much in love with granola! I am going to tell you how superb the granola ingredients are. The best and basic recipe of the granola is here that will make you go crazy. The real food is real love! Despite, this granola can be healthier and tastier if you have it with milk or fresh fruits. I am telling you about my personal experience when I used Ester’s Granola with almond milk. Impressive. It was impressive! The taste was soul-soothing.

Ready to make some?

Healthy Granola Ingredients


Oats, a pure blessing for our heart health. These whole-grain old-fashioned oats are the main ingredient of granola. Interestingly, these remain in shape while baking. Above all, this would be better if you pick gluten-free granola.

Nuts and Seeds

Various seed & nut options can be useful for the granola. If you ask, I would recommend almonds, cashews, peanuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts, and sunflower seeds.

Unrefined Oil

While oil plays an essential role in making granola crisp and irresistible, I use unrefined canola oil that produces perfect texture.

Similarly, you can use extra-virgin canola oil if you are conscious of our saturated fat intake.

Natural Sweetener

Just like the products, you find on Ester’s Granola site; I prefer using organic honey or maple syrup in my granola. These natural sweeteners are perfect and give tempting flavors.

Salt and Spice

When you look for impeccable zest, don’t forget the salt! Therefore, the fine-grain sea-salt gives a perfect pinch to your granola.

Dried Fruit

it is true that when you use dried fruits, it gives extra sweetness, chewy texture, and alluring fruity flavor.

Well, I use healthy & delicious dried cranberries, cherries, and chopped apricots in my granola recipe.

Optional Mix-Ins

There are numerous options to pick. However, it all depends on your taste buds. Tasting the right flavors give your tongue a soothing sensation. 

  • If your mouth is craving for some citrus twang, go for fresh citrus zest. You can use this wallop before baking the granola. 
  • The chocolate lovers can use chocolate chips just after your granola is all ready to eat.
  • Unsweetened coconut flakes option is also available for perfectly toasted results.

I am glad that granola contains both delicious and healthy flavors. Mostly, I order Original Granola CookiesThey are truly impressive to have anytime and anywhere. 

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