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Summer’s amazing Seasonal Flavors have arrived

Feeling the summer heat already? Grumpy? Moody? We know, the high temperature is getting into your nerves. Summer is the time when every bone of your body wants something fresh and soothing. Therefore, Ester’s Granola is presenting Berry Basket granola with summer flavors to give you the mind refreshing feel.

Berry Basket

A fruity sensation is sure to ignite your taste buds!  A melody of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and crunchy almonds, our Berry Basket granola is sure to please.  With 5% of the proceeds contributing to the fight against breast cancer, this granola has now become sweeter!  Enjoy this granola with your favorite milk or yogurt, and watch your milk turn pink as the organic strawberries dive into it!

Summer Flavoring

Sunny days bring the flood of berries. The Exotic flavor of temperature fruits is healthy enough to reduce heat from your body with its juicy mouthfeel. For your daily breakfast, we have introduced a seasonal product with nutritional balance and excellent taste. Similarly, made up with organic summer berries, the gluten-free granola gives an invigorating flavor to enjoy.


This spinoff is made up of organic and non-GMO ingredients which can be eaten straight from the box or mingled with dairy products. Let’s see below what ingredients this basket of berries actually contains:


Loaded with vitamin C, strawberries give the sweet and juicy taste with summery goodness all year round. The benefits of fresh and delicious strawberries are endless.


Also known as brain berries, blueberries are very healthy. In other words, these are the king of antioxidant foods which adds flavor to every bite.


Enjoy the natural flavor with a unique & rich taste. Raspberry, with its balance of sweet and tangy flavor, creates an unforgettable taste experience.

Crunchy Almonds

The healthiest nut with a powerful nutritious combination of fiber, antioxidants and healthy, monounsaturated fat, almonds are best when added with other ingredients.

In conclusion, this whole magical basket of berries will inspire you to have the summer flavors in your mouth and stomach. Let your senses titillated by the aromas and warmth of Berry Basket Granola in the sunny season.

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