Sparkle your Morning Breakfast!


You might be wondering how one can sparkle morning’s breakfast! Of course, the bowl contains Ester’s Original Granola, the best gluten-free granola in Silver Spring. Today, let’s explore what we can serve with granola:

Yogurt and berries: Serving granola with yogurt and berries gives a perfect quick breakfast in Good morning blitz. It’s pretty classic and adorable all-around food for the toddlers. You would also love to make homemade granola which only takes five minutes from pantry to the oven.

Rosy-cheeked topping: To make the balanced breakfast bowl, add the fresh rosy-cheeked raspberries with the punch of yogurt and chocolate. So yummy, so delicious, the bowl of granola is very healthy to have it daily.

Trio berry blast: Try adding the trio of Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries with plain yogurt. Voila! The ordinary granola turned into a crave-worthy meal.

Colorful bowl: Put as many colorful fruits in the bowl as possible is like food art. We, at Ester’s Granola, believe, breakfast should be fun, tempting and insanely nutritious. Adding different types of fruits into your granola bowl gives you all qualities. Richly colored fruits such as berries, oranges, cantaloupe, pomegranate, kiwi, papaya, watermelon, and pineapple can be served with your favorite original granola.

Baking granola: Are you fond of sweets? Here is the secret thing that you can add to your favorite cookie, muffin or cake recipe. Ta-da! You can enjoy adding granola in your tasteful deserts.

Stuck onto apple slices: Intrigued? Many of you haven’t heard about it but this is amazingly simple and sweet breakfast. All you have to do is, slice an apple and spread the nut butter all over it. After that, sprinkle the apple slices with granola. To make it more heavenly, drizzle honey over covered slices.

As trail mix: Not a fan of traditional trail mix?  Create the new version of trail mix by combining granola, nuts and dried fruits along with the candy-coated chocolate. Enjoy this classy meal!

Crispy kick: Here is another recipe which allows you to lower the calories count of deep-fried foods. Just roll the fried food into granola and bake in the oven. This golden-brown crust will let you enjoy the toothsome taste.

Peanut butter & jelly yogurt bowl: Try adding the soft, sweet and smooth jelly yogurt with the naked organic peanut butter. The combination will not only provide a tempting taste but also soothe your soul. Adding strawberries and yogurt to this creation will be a perfect nutrition plan. Not only this is delicious, but it provides vitamins, calcium, protein, healthy carbs, and healthy fats that the body need every day.

In conclusion, no matter what combination you throw together, this is extremely hard to go wrong with Ester’s Granola.

So, the breakfast fanatics, go ahead and start a new AM habit today!



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