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Healthy & delicious Granola Bars for the breakfast

The healthiest and delightful snack to have in the rushed morning is Granola Bar. The packing style of the Original granola bar allows you to keep it in your bag and eat it in transit. Best gluten-free snacks Bars deliver a high amount of fiber, vitamins & minerals. However, when selecting a granola bar, be sure to check the nutritional information on the packet. Let’s see what we should consider while picking a healthy Granola Bar:                                                       

  •  Check the sugar

The Granola Bars available in the market generally contain high sugar. However, Ester’s Granola in Silver Spring uses organic honey, organic agave nectar & organic maple syrup to furnish healthy & delicious Bars for breakfast.

  •  Scrape the fat

Many granolas available in the market hold heart-healthy unsaturated fats and omega-3. Therefore, to get the best health benefits, go for Ester’s Granola Bar that contains 4 grams of fat per serving.

  •  Mark the calories 

The nourishing Granola bars holds less than 200 calories whereas, Ester’s Granola bars delivers 120 calories per serving.

The best Granola in Silver Spring includes different varieties of tempting bars. These are:

  • BERRY BASKET GRANOLA BARS: The fusion of juicy, fruity & crunchy ingredients is excellent to enjoy in the hot weather.
  • CITRUS ALMOND GRANOLA BAR: The burst of citrus with crunchy almond is the delicious & perfect way to fuel your mornings.
  • COFFEE CINNAMON GRANOLA BAR: Coffee and the savory herb, cinnamon is an incredibly mouth-watering solution that makes your mornings more energetic.
  • HEALTH NUT GRANOLA BAR: The bar is made up of unadulterated flaxseed, chewy coconut, crunchy almonds, salt, almond butter, organic vanilla extract, Pumpkin seeds, and so on. This nutty bar is crispy, yet loaded with antioxidants, fiber, protein, and healthy fats.
  • MAPLE PECAN GRANOLA BAR: With the stuffing of maple syrup, pecan, oats, and other delicious ingredients, this maple pecan granola bar is the perfect grab and go breakfast.
  • TROPICAL RUM GRANOLA BAR: Something bright and fresh in the summer, these tropical rum granola bars are like a trip to the Islands.
  • ORIGINAL GRANOLA BAR WITH FRUIT AND NUTS: Enjoy the wholesome treat of energetic and super delicious bars made with real fruits and nuts.


Each bar possesses a unique value that provides delicious taste, heart-soothing flavors, various health benefits, and so on. The blend of different flavors and ingredients allows you to experience the heavenly taste. Similarly, the Crunchy and chewy granola bars provide freshness. Therefore, these are the perfect snack to take on all of your outdoor adventures this summer!

The addition of fruits and yogurt is what makes these bars rich in carbs. The Ester’s Granola Bars available in the box of 12 bars that are excellent for lunchboxes & breakfast on the run.

Have our luscious granola bars and enjoy the heavenly taste!

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