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Granola bars, an Effective Way to Replace Junk from Our Diet

If you are finding difficulties in focusing between meals, granola bar as a smart snack boosts up your energy level. A granola bar usually consists of rolled oats, honey and dry fruits. They are best consumed during breakfast or pre workout. The flair about super nutritious bars is that one can easily customize it according to one’s taste.

7 surprising benefits of eating granola bars:

Vegan gluten free granola bars

Have a soluble fiber which reduces harmful cholesterol. Harmful cholesterol builds plaque in veins and arteries leading to increase in blood pressure as well

Energy booster:

They are concentrated form of energy which doesn’t pump into our blood unhealthy sugars.

Gluten free peanut butter bars

Help in preventing anemia: it is caused when we have deficiency of iron in our red blood cells. Such granola bars have sufficient quantity of iron which prevents anemia and it’s symptoms like headache, fatigue and irregular breathing


It can provide substantial amount as required by the body. Vit e protects skin, hair, nails, and improves our heart.

Weight loss:

Healthy low sugar granola bars are light to consume and filling for the stomach. Low in sodium and cholesterol which is the major factors aiding obesity. Reduces our appetite and production of hormone which makes us feel hungry

Helps increase in cognitive activity:

Granola bars are low in sodium and high in potassium increases blood and oxygen flow in our body and brain thus boosting our cognitive capacity. It is a great brain food option at our disposal.

Granola bars have oats which are full of antioxidants called avenathamides. They also contain phytic and ferulic acid

Gluten free dessert bars:

Are safe for the majority of people having celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

Tasty, nutritious and simple are rare to find in any food however Ester’s granola has made it possible in a form of a smart snack which can easily replace junk food. It serves the purpose of wide range of consumers from a kid to an octogenarian.

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