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Granola and cookies with divine flavors!

Before we ride off into the sunset, let’s say howdy to Ester’s coffee cinnamon cookies.

The ultimate mashup of cinnamon spice, coffee, and chocolate chips, this granola will give you amusement and joviality. For sure, you won’t stop yourself to have this delicious bowl of divine granola!

All-time favorite!

Ester combines its all-time beloved flavors, Cinnamon, Coffee and Chocolate into one epic granola box. Ever tried our coffee cinnamon cookies? Yeah well…it’s kind of our thing.

Imagine, if you can have two desserts at the same time, then why stuck with the one? We don’t get satisfied with the one. Along with eating a bowl of granola, I prefer eating crunchy cookies with that. So, the next time when you have your favorite toothsome granola, try the delicious cookies or any other light snack with it.

Let’s get back to this flavorsome granola. This granola is going to be your new favorite morning breakfast. It is Ester’s one of the best creations in a while. I know I say a lot, but this flavor is truly epic!

Cinnamon Coffee Granola

Ester’s Granola to be sure to wake all of your senses!  With a combination of exotic cinnamon spice, vibrant coffee, and bittersweet organic Peruvian chocolate chips, this granola is tasty and delicious!  This flavor is dairy and caffeine free and sweetened only with agave nectar.  Enjoy this granola over oatmeal and watch the chocolate ooze into your bowl, or with your favorite yogurt, milk, or fruit!

Now I am getting a strong intuition that you are going to be crazy for these flavors. Don’t waste more time, try the Coffee Cinnamon and Chocolate chip cookies and granola today!

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