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Ester’s Granola

Simple. Tasty. Nutritious. It’s rare for us to use all three of these words together when describing food, yet you can find all three inside of our products. A hand crafted mixture of toasted oats, crunchy nuts, dried fruits, and golden honey, our recipe is guaranteed to please the taste buds, as well as the waistline. It is high in fiber, with no preservatives, cholesterol, or added sugar. Simply stated, Ester’s Granola gives you all the taste you want in a normal snack, while still being all natural and naturally good for you. It is also loaded with essential vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy body and mind. Ester’s Granola line of product is non GMO, vegan, soy free, gluten free, and guilty free! Our granola, cookies, and bars are sweetened with organic honey, organic agave nectar & organic maple syrup.  Have it for breakfast for a light meal, enjoy our cookies with your coffee or tea, and the bars on the go.  Ester’s Granola is a perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle, however you eat it, each bite will make the day a little brighter.

esters granola

About Ester

Ester’s story started in the country side along the Mediterranean shore.  As a young girl, she spent most of her time in the kitchen watching her grandmother cook with farm fresh ingredients straight from their farmland.  Growing up, she became more and more curious about the culinary world which opened up the door to creating her own recipes and working in the food industry.  Ester traveled from the far east to the far west tasting the food of the world from classic european cuisine, to the exotic Thai kitchen.  Before the calendar changed to the new millennium, she arrived to the United States.  Dreaming of one day owning her own food business, Ester began working retail jobs saving up to one day follow her dream.  Throughout the years in the U.S. she made food from her childhood, her travels, and began creating new recipes, one of which was her signature original granola.  The granola became a hit among her family and friends and after almost a decade of working retail, she followed her dream and started Esters Granola.  Ester now resides in Maryland with her husband, but her home overseas will always have a special place in her heart.


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